Témoignage de Déborah , à propos des stages à l'étranger
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mardi, 17 mai 2016 12:02

Témoignage de Déborah , à propos des stages à l'étranger

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I’m THIMONGA Déborah in BTS AM1 and I am going to explain to you the international travel we are going to do.
I’m in first year of a two year Technical degree in Executive Assistant.
In my second year, my class is going, in september, to do an international travel.

A part of the class wants to go to Dublin and the other part to South Africa, Cape Town.
But it is not just for the pleasure, it is to carry out a work placement abroad.

During 6 weeks we have to talk English every day in the company where we are going to work.
We are doing this for the exams, during the intership we have to deal with important tasks and present these tacks for the exam.

To make our choice about the destination, 3 students did a presentation about Ireland and 3 other students did the same about South Africa.
They talked about the history of the country, the culture, the activities, the food and so on.

If we choose Ireland we will live in a host family and if we choose South Africa in a youth hostel.
Personnaly,I made up my mind long ago, I am going to Ireland, "The Emerald Isle.


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